Indoor building performance monitoring

Ambimon Sensor Beacon

Better indoor conditions, reduced running costs

Uncover how your building really operates with TerOpta's affordable solution for in-building monitoring. Ambimon enables building owners to make key decisions to improve performance and the internal environment for occupants.

Discrete low-cost sensors

TerOpta's Ambimon low-cost wireless sensors, measuring just 4 cm across, monitor temperature, relative humidity and local light level at multiple points within your building, whilst additional sensors monitor electrical energy usage and external parameters such as solar irradiance, wind speed and outdoor temperature and humidity. Further indoor parameters such as CO2 and VOCs on request.

Real-time cloud-based analysis

TerOpta's cloud-based real-time monitoring system puts knowledge of your buildings' performance at your fingertips. Alternatively, use an API to ingest real-time data to your own system.

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