A brief history
Headquartered in Nottingham, UK, TerOpta is a British technology company, specialising in remote sensing and cloud-based analysis of environmental and pollution data.

TerOpta's senior team all formerly worked in central R&D functions of major telecommunications companies, such as Marconi and Ericsson, giving TerOpta a great deal of experience in communications, monitoring and control technology.

Michael Sharratt

Michael Sharratt

Mike has held many senior Engineering Management roles in major companies, and has frequently been at the forefront in the commercial development of new, formerly unproven, technology and techniques. With three patents to his name, Mike has wide experience of leading large multi-disciplinary teams to bring complex product developments to a successful conclusion. Find Mike on LinkedIn here.

Paul Callan

Paul Callan

Paul graduated from Cambridge University with 1st Class Honours in Engineering in 1989 Since then, he has played a key technical role in the design and development of many advanced products, including several world firsts with Marconi plc. Holder of five patents, Paul bridges the gap between industrial development and academic research, whilst retaining a strong emphasis on practical, commercial engineering solutions. Find Paul on LinkedIn here.

Dave Harrold

Dave Harrold
Operations and Verification Manager

Originally a digital hardware design engineer, Dave is a PRINCE2® qualified and technically proficient manager with many years’ experience of leading teams of up to 50, in both development and test / verification. His thorough approach, coupled with extensive experience of engineering and manufacturing environments, ensures that TerOpta’s products are well constructed and robustly tested to the applicable international standards. Find Dave on LinkedIn here.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson
ASIC/FPGA Development Manager

Mike is a skilled digital designer and team leader, with extensive experience in producing large complex designs for programmable devices, whether ASIC, FPGA or System-on-Chip. He is highly conversant with VHDL and Verilog programming languages, able to conceive, specify and create large DSP structures, high-speed and highly parallel designs. In addition to his technical skills, Mike is a capable team leader, able to coordinate and provide expertise for development groups. Find Mike on LinkedIn here.

Richard Dorward

Richard dorward
Systems Consultant

Richard has over 50 years’ experience in digital and optical communications. He has held a wide range of technical and senior management positions in research, engineering development, system and network design, technical consultancy, international standards, product strategy and the technical management of major contracts. He has a Masters degree in Physics from Cambridge University, a post-graduate business diploma from Coventry University and has generated over 20 patents. Find Richard on LinkedIn here.

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