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What’s unique about TerOpta?
- It’s about having a higher perspective...
When it comes to designing control systems for a new photonic component or optical sub-system, nothing beats the perspective of those who really understand the top-level system that will use such products.
The team at TerOpta have many decades of experience of developing optical communications systems (see our Company page). We therefore understand the needs of system vendors and how to overcome the common problems in integrating new technology and ensuring it works well with existing infrastructure, at both node and network level.
Compared to general electronics contract design houses, we believe we add significant value, since we understand what is really required for optical networks to operate successfully.
TerOpta is able to supply electronic solutions in volume, fully tested with programmable hardware and software, complete with a demonstration platform, if required.
Optical fibres around world

Optical design capability

Embedded control / data transmission
● Hardware design - analogue - high-speed (to 10 GHz and beyond)
● Digital design - FPGA - ASIC - SoC
● Software design - C - C# - Embedded - Graphical user interfaces
Network design
● Optical link design
● Protection planning
● Spares allocation