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Real-time Emission Visualization System (REVIS) for Eco-friendly Travel Behaviours

REVIS Project

REVIS is a two year £1.6 million collaborative R&D project, sponsored by Innovate UK. Project partners include TerOpta, Costain plcUniversity of the West of England (Bristol), MobiBiz Ltd and Brunel University London.

Aims of the project

Current methods that predict pollutant emissions by estimating the number of cars on roads  are highly inaccurate. This is because the real-world emissions per vehicle cannot be  trusted, as the recent VW scandal has demonstrated. Nearly 40 million people in the UK are living in areas where illegal levels of air pollution from diesel vehicles risk damaging their health (ClientEarth 2017). According to the Royal 

College of Physicians (RCP), there are 40,000 deaths every year due to NO2, which has  been linked to cancer, asthma, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and dementia, resulting in high cost to people who suffer from these illnesses and costing the economy £20 billion yearly (RCP 2017). The population is worried about the issue as, in 2017, 4000 people used air-pollution monitoring kits in the UK (Friends-of-Earth).

Despite the health threats accruable from emissions, no tool exists that visualises NO2 emissions in real-time. Existing travel navigation assistants (e.g. Google Maps, Apple iOS Maps, Waze, automakers navigation systems, Tomtom, AA route-planner, etc.) do not provide information about NO2 levels. This project will develop a system for Real-Time Emissions Visualisation (REVIS) for eco-friendly travel behaviour. REVIS will use IoT-enabled sensors to obtain the actual amount of NO2 and other emissions on roads and highways and visualise them in real-time. This will provide up to date information for route planning and decision making to promote health and improve the environment.

Latest REVIS News

18th January 2019: TerOpta-led consortium awarded £1.2M R&D funding to create atmospheric pollution visualisation system. The award of over £1.2M by Innovate UK is to develop a real-time emissions visualisation system, aimed at promoting eco-friendly travel behaviours. The REVIS (Real-time Emission VISualisation) system will consist of distributed Internet-connected pollution monitoring sensors, mounted by roads or on buildings, which will send data to a powerful cloud-based analysis and visualisation tool. This will provide instant graphical representation of current emissions levels across critical areas and the provision of data to route planners, web-based travel mapping software etc. Individuals and organisations will then be able to plan routes and make decisions on the basis of real-time emissions data,. Other members of the consortium include Costain, University of West of England (UWE) Bristol, MobiBiz Ltd and Brunel University London.