Keeping it simple

"What good is clever technology if people can't use it?"
Many building control systems do not live up to expectations in terms of energy savings, because they are too complex for building occupants to adjust and control. They are therefore often left in an incorrect and energy-inefficient state.

TerOpta’s “GEM” range is not only simple to install - because of TerOpta’s unique (patent applied for) design - but is also incredibly easy to use… No special software, no programming - just point and click.

Simplicity, combined with powerful energy-saving features, makes GEM from TerOpta the obvious choice of building energy management system for commercial and agricultural buildings.

Office interior with lighting

Low cost intelligent lighting control

Advanced lighting, made easy

● Configurable and flexible - daylight and occupancy sensing - works with any luminaire type.
● Fully networked - signals along the mains wiring - eliminates costly control cabling.
● Point and click web-browser interface - no special software required - easy to learn.

Modern building

Affordable energy management

Measure energy usage whilst controlling building services

● One system - fully integrated building control and energy monitoring.
● Simplicity, value for money, reliability.
● Measure energy usage down to individual circuit level.
● Cloud-based graphical interface for tracking usage and trends.

Commercial glasshouse

Agriculture and biomass

Control glasshouses, biomass fuel dryers or agricultural buildings

● Full glasshouse controls - lighting, heating, ventilation, shades, humidity, CO2.
● Control the environment in all kinds of agricultural buildings.
● Affordable and automated biomass fuel production - perfect fuel whilst saving energy.

How the GEM system began...

When the TerOpta GEM system was first created, it was called "TeroLight" and functioned solely as an intelligent lighting system. The intention, though, as stated in this video, was always to increase its scope to much more. TerOpta  has now done just that, with the creation of a full building control and energy management solution.

"Graphical Energy Management"

Simple, efficient, powerful.

TerOpta GEM GUI example